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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  September 17, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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live this is kron 4 news @ 4:00 with a developing story. at 4:00 out of novato where a high- school student is dead for others have been taken to the hospital after the car they were in collided with a big rig kron 4 jeff bush joins us live from the scene. jeff. >> it's a tragic accident as you mentioned a high school student was in a bmw traveling this way. let's take a look at the st. nevada boulevard on the west side of town. it's a blind curve they're still investigating the scene the car involved that the students were driving in crashed as it turned around the blind corner. that's when the car
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crashed into a big rig. >> the crash happened just before noon a bmw with five people in it where traveling westbound police say the car was traveling at an estimated speed witnesses f the car lost control going around the corner and spun out in the path of a big rig carrying a load of cattle which was traveling in the opposite direction. the rig in the car collided in the bmw was knocked into a nearby field. if one of the occupants died instantly at the scene to others were transported to the hospital by helicopter and the other two were carried off an ambulance. the occupants of the bmw, are all high-school age would to novato high. officers say in addition to speed up call might of been a factor if because containers were found in the car. it shut down a bottle boulevard for most of the day while police investigated the accident. if the driver of the truck suffered minor injuries but is shaken up over the whole
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ordeal. >> >> the police just took the bmw away about 10 minutes ago when it was very badly beaten up a complete back end of the bmw was crushed and treated early reports are that the victim and that died was ejected from the car but we haven't confirmed that. the police are still investigating the scene nevada boulevard is still close down the likely be closed down for quite some time. heather. >> thank you jeff will check back with you later. a live look outside from the bay bridge toll plaza and ominous looking picture this afternoon as clouds continue to stream in carried were going to get more clouds streaming in with this storm setting off shore. current conditions are cooler out there the what we saw yesterday. if about the same close to the coastline but the north bay 797 rosa, 79 san or fell. 74 concord same thing in antioch cooler in
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redwood city also cooler down in the south bay. stick a look at our satellite picture we have dense fog close to the coastline here already filling in over seven cisco and we did see the cloud cover over oakland. the storms hitting to the north will sweep on by it will bring additional cloud cover and chance for rain. here's a look at storm tracker 4 radar. the first band of rancorain. slight chance in the north bay of rain is will be tomorrow evening it will be much but will talk more about later. tonight into tomorrow this red jacket inland and i tore morning seven clocks dense fog and drizzle with an and the chance for showers tomorrow in the afternoon in the north bay will talk more about the rain in time it out on future cast a look good your extended forecast come up a bit. our other developing story on the san bruno gas line explosion today residents in and around
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the explosion site were filled in by city officials on the plan to clean up the area. the city and county is hired a contractor and were is the residents can work through the county. or they can hire private contractor. your list clean up and start his wednesday. would allow a take a chance so we need power and we can bring other people in and do other work. the meter roof uncertainty to be painted and need to clean inside and all the windows need replacing. they outside cannes were loaded on the class. the clean up this for the 37 homes have been destroyed. dozens of cleanup crews are working inside homes next to the blast on today to get rid of the smoke damage to the fire began to the working down there. some homeowners find said nash blocks away with no other visible damage. crews are clean the floors the walls and ceilings and in many cases
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close. many homeowners meet with pg&e representative to get the relief check if from a $100 million fund set up from victims. the company said there's no strings attached to the check. services plan for 20 year-old jessica morales was killed in the explosion right now there's a vending held if which will be followed by a vigil at 7:00 p.m. there being held at a mortuary and daly city. funeral will be at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night and a very will be monday afternoon at 1:00 p.m.. i will not creek complex there's been a fourth assault reported trade there's a map of it there. jonathan blum talk to residents about security at the complex. authorities say it happened again but they tell us this latest assault at the park regents see apartments in walnut creek is unrelated to the string
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of sexual assaults that ended a month ago with the rest of the man who is now currently sitting in jail pleas were hundred percent positive this is a different assailant. their loss to explain why it's again happened at the same apartment complex. residents of the apartment complex told us of not feeling entirely safe and some told us they won't feel safe until new security precautions are put in place. getting a security call box. yes. i don't think they're considering that. although the property manager would not talk to was the spokesperson told us they are considering additional security precautions including an upgraded video surveillance system and putting a fence across the front of the complex tariff curly pedestrians can walk into the complex that it your access code even though you still need a coach to get with your vehicle. we have rain said to have this is weekend you can see and future cast appear on
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sunday early in the morning will see rain in the north bay. all four forecast for what you'd expect coming up a bit. the black widow spider's severe bite can cause coma and even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator
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dow jones up 13 points to close at 10,607. the nasdaq up 12 points to close at 12,315.2315. >> if you believe for going to trade back and forth between overextended and undervalued in over extended an undervalued then maybe next week or month will break into a new area which shows confidence but it's nibbled a golf very little confidence at this point time. it's good to see people are predicting the double dip recession anymore. for the better part of the spring
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and summer it's been 1062 10,000. i think will end the year strong as a look at more confidence a little more spending and we assume that a stronger market than we assume. i can't it's not hot it's not sexy it's not fun. oracle is doing well, i love for golf. you have that full beard thing going on not quite sure what's going on looks like a cat can lick it off but the man knows how to buy from these tend bus companies. he is folded them into his business tech is still alive and well. he's done a pretty good job of it great quarter great earnings and nine year high for oracle it's good to see. >> intel took a hit though. >> people are going to best buy a and they're saying i need a laptop their choosing the i pad over the old notebooks.
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>> why because its head to? >> its ge.keptit's that >> wall street is pulling in tell back their polling microsoft back because the success of the i pad still in from the notebook market and that's for each b&l sullivan of box. i know napa shares to think about without dollars a share in the next 35 years because it a little fact is there: she. >> california jobless rate. >> is slightly better than california. 12 percent unemployment is not a pretty thing for the state of california. we are getting worse as the state year-over-year the
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peninsula the silicon valley getting slightly better year- over-year. >> check deals with you in just a moment we'll be right back.
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san francisco same but praise the new guidelines finalize yesterday bay to breakers participants will be required to registered for the race alcohol will be banned and floats will be banned of those who did not registered will be escorted off the property by police and registration will be capped at 50,000. of lot of people said public urination, drugs and racers more than 20,000 people finished the race but nearly 70,000 participated in the partying. >> big change is coming to the forecast is weekend the storm pushes through the bay area. it's sitting up to the no. 3 now will get increasing cloud cover out there tomorrow. also increasing moisture it will feel lucky. temperatures will quote a
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couple of degrees into sunday were were most going to see the rain there is a slight chance of rain tomorrow afternoon, to more evening in the north bay but the majority of the rain will fall in the morning on sunday cool conditions on sunday as well as pushes through. a live look outside showers already starting up to the north you concede there's a first edge of the storm kind of breaking up as it approaches the coast line. this is why were not gunna sit overnight trad. this is the secd wave that will push for saturday night into sunday future cast a much more refined model at 4:00 a.m. sunday shower starting to approach santa rosa and notice it's pretty well defined here and for much together a 80 am but watch out break apart as a pushes into the bay area. it gets more scattered by 10:00 a.m. some rain over the north bay approaching south of the golden gate it's not for uniform
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at all. at noon showers will break up but will still sees lingering showers over the north bay and by 3:00 p.m. pretty much done. we if you do the plans on sunday put them in the afternoon of the morning. rainfall for saturday into sunday it's a wide range in the north bay because of the mountains you can see lot more rain than down in the valley trigger a quarter inch to three-quarters of an inch south of the golden gate the chances of rain diminish rapidly. a 10th of an inch to 1/4 inch in the central bay same thing in the east bay to hardly anything expected to the south bay. your kron 4 here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. as we head into next week better weather is expected clear conditions and slightly warmer conditions. >> the number of people without jobs in california is that the unemployment rate climbs to 12.4% up from 12.3 in july. the bay area's jobless rate fare
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better at 9 percent unemployment and nationwide the number of people increase to 9.6%. if the ongoing recession is continuing to drain off americans' wallets the federal reserve said the net worth about typical household lost by $13,000. >> to figure your net worth you have to add up the value of everything you own house, cars investments and to track everything you old mortgage credit cards and so forth. in 2007 that number was more than $563,000 for the average american family. down 12% in just three months. that in itself is making a recovery difficult since retail sales account for 70 percent of the economy. >> in sports news the scoreboard as it all as a san francisco giants' move first place in and
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league west is a foggy night as the giants beat the dodgers. jonathan sanchez was the start of the night only allowed to run striking out 12 over seven innings meanwhile just this afternoon dodgers manager joe announced he will retire at the end of the season the be replaced by hitting coach don mattingly. but go back go live to our developing story in novato where you can see police are on the scene of the deadly accident when the bottle high- school student was killed five high-school students were involved in a car crash with a big rig carrying cattle. on a bottle boulevard has been closed now for the last few hours not expected to open any time soon as they try and clear this area and do their investigation will keep you posted let's go live to the james like it is slow going at the top of your screen one its sway to the bay bridge. the two planes merging of the
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bottom 101 headed southbound moving quickly. will be right back. [ male announcer ] as the ceo of hp, carly fiorina laid off 30,000 workers. when you're talking about massive layoffs, which we did... perhaps the work needs to be done somewhere else. [ male announcer ] fiorina shipped jobs to china. and while californians lost their jobs, fiorina tripled her salary. bought a million dollar yacht. and five corporate jets. i'm proud of what i did at hp. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself. [ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message.
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e-mail's this first one comes from susan with a hundred thousand dollars were to get maximum secured returns? >> to me a bank. that's secured maximum. >> seems kind of boring. >> if yes more than a year it may be something like ed jenny mae fund there's volatility may lose to 3 percent are also going to get 34% yield during that time forces gaining 1 percent a bank or 2% in a cd. maybe an online bank is the best dancer if your looking for the maximum security the two words that bed together that spoken it doesn't sound like they have any would go room for volatility. >> we think security think banks right? is that the most secured situation you will be and.
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>> in theory for most people i wouldn't trust the bank of rob black it set up in san carlos you do one picture banks carefully than some days past. most banks are pretty good with the fdic insurance. >> this next on coming from henry do think the economy what a double dip recession? a lot of people still concerned about this. >> a lot of economists came up this week and said the same it sacked a lot of strategists some people lover or a terrorist farceur economic viewpoint goes. the cost of money is so cheap rate now it's less someone percent the fed would give it to a bank the bank will give it to a corporation or you and me. this little market and there but it's so cheap mortgages at 4 1/2%. i would save five years if we have more chance of inflation and job growth than five years from now. my odds are were going to look a lot better next year.
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years 345 it's going to look a lot better and the cost of money is zero cheap it should stimulate growth >> what about california we seem to have more trouble than everyone else with a jobless rate with our housing? >> this about california no matter what happens we always have china and japan on the other side of the ocean were big import, export credit united states economy will goes back with always had silicon valley technology we've got hollywood to be a media driver. i think will be fined and not crazy about the middle part of california think the coastal part will come out of it all nicely and good in the next three years but it takes time. it took 20 years to get in this problem should take 20 years to get out of it. >> we want to get out of it now >> instead gratification is that. >> jobs will be the leading indicators. >> 11 in 2012 will be the indicators. baby boomers have to retire at some point in time and
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then when they retire its generation x and y will be taking the jobs. no matter what the big good healthy job teacher in the next five to 10 years based on baby boomers retiring. >> if you like to send rob of the militant at rob @ roll rob
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live from the bay area's new station this is kron 4 news @ 4:03 p.m. at 430 back toward developing story on the san bruno gas on explosion on christine conley has been covering this story she joins us live with what's happening in that area now. christine. >> right here in the bom